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Stay active and connected! The Better Choices, Better Health® SD network (BCBH-SD) offers a suite of FREE evidence-based Self-Management Education and Physical Activity programs for adults and their caregivers living in South Dakota. Join a program in-person and online from the comfort of your own home.

Available Programs

Chronic Disease Self-Management Education Workshops

Millions of adults live with chronic health conditions. These workshops can help you manage symptoms, improve quality of life, and reduce healthcare costs. Participants and caregivers will gain confidence and meet others who deal with similar chronic conditions. Learn new ways to get through daily activities, manage physical and mental health wellness, and connect to new resources.

Physical Activity Workshops

Physical activity has many health benefits. The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans details specific scientifically proven benefits and offers a set of guidelines to follow for better overall health. Even a small amount of regular exercise has preventative and therapeutic benefits and can improve health and mood significantly.

The physical activity programs have been designed specifically for older adults with arthritis, but all ages and ability levels are welcome to participate.

Please note: Limited in-person workshops are being offered due to COVID-19.