Our Program

Chronic disease affects quality of life, has a huge economic impact, and increases the need for healthcare services.

The Better Choices, Better Health® SD Program offers physical activity and fall prevention workshops. Participants will learn skills, gain confidence, and receive peer support to help them learn new ways to get through their daily activities and manage physical and mental health wellness.

All programming provided by BCBH-SD is licensed and managed by SDSU Extension and supported by the South Department of Health and the South Dakota Department of Human Services.

The BCBH-SD self-management education programs are modeled after an evidence-based process originally developed by Stanford University, rigorously tested in randomized, controlled trials by the Patient Education Research Center at the Stanford University School of Medicine. All components of the workshops have been medically approved. For a more in-depth history of these programs, visit the Self-Management Resource Center.

The BCBH-SD physical activity programs are modeled after evidence-based processes from the Arthritis Foundation and the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Our Value Proposition

We provide a statewide infrastructure to successfully deliver person-centered self-management education programs that empower South Dakotans to:

  1. Improve their health, satisfaction, and self-efficacy
  2. Manage rising health care costs

Our Vision

Individuals empower South Dakotans to achieve optimal wellbeing

Partners establish a synergetic network that provides access and opportunity for improved health

Our Mission

Collectively inspiring people to live their best life

Our Purpose

Challenge and elevate people to think differently about their health

Our Core Values

Sustaining a healthy South Dakota by guiding the work and informing expectations through:

  1. Compassion and Empathy
    interacting with warmth, courtesy, and dignity while respecting the needs and understanding the values of participants
  2. Collaboration
    collectively establishing, evolving, and leveraging partnerships
  3. Consistent Information
    offering quality evidence-based resources
  4. Confidence
    igniting self-efficacy and empowerment
  5. Commitment
    dedicating to elevating individuals, partners, and communities at each opportunity

Our team

Lori Oster
Program Director

Megan Jacobson
Health Promotion Specialist

Samantha Schlaffman
Program and Volunteer Coordinator

Sandi Traupel
Engagement and Enrollment Coordinator

Deseree Corrales
Bilingual Health Educator

Diane Yeadon
Community Health Educator

Emily Vincelli
Community Health Educator

Program support

SDSU Extension

Serves as the license holder, fiscal agent, and operations administrator

SD Department of Health

Provides leadership, funding support, and promotion of program services

SD Department of Human Services

Provides leadership, funding support, and promotion of program services

Additional partners

  • AARP
  • Active Generations
  • Advisory Council/Falls Prevention Coalition
  • Avera Health
  • Avera St. Benedict Health Center*
  • Avera St. Mary’s
  • Community Health Center of the Black Hills
  • Community Health Worker Collaborative
  • Department of Human Services, Long Term Services and Supports*
  • Great Plains Quality Innovation Network*
  • Great Plains Tribal Leader’s Health Board
  • Horizon Health Care
  • Human Service Agency
  • Huron Regional Medical Center
  • Lake Area Technical College
  • Mitchell Technical College
  • Monument Health*
  • Platte Health Center
  • Sanford Health*
  • South Dakota Department of Health*
  • South Dakota Foundation for Medical Care*
  • South Dakota State University Extension*
  • Volunteers of America-Dakotas*
  • Wellmark

*Sponsoring Host Organizations with signed BCBH Memorandum of Agreement