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Success Stories

Creating and Implementing a Physical Activity Policy for Child Care Centers

In 2012, nearly 11 million children under age 5 in the US were in some type of child care arrangement every week. On average, the children of working mothers spend 35 hours a week in child care. Since children spend so much time in child care, Sanford Health decided to develop a program to promote physical activity in child care settings. If children establish healthy habits at a young age, these healthy habits are more likely to follow them through life.” Read more

fit-CareMother/daughter Team Uses “fit-Care” to Instill Healthy Childhood Lifestyle Habits

The fit-Care program focuses on four domains – Recharge, Mood, Move and Food, each a piece of a puzzle. The fit concept is a holistic approach to living a healthy lifestyle, fit understands how these pieces impact each other to affect one’s health and wellness. Barb and Julie both set goals to work on in the Best Practice program, Barb focused more on the Recharge domain and Julie explored the Food and Move domains. Barb says, “fit-Care has made me more aware of portion sizes. With childhood obesity happening with children younger and younger, it’s important to think about what the correct portion sizes are so children don’t overeat.” Read more