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Tell us about your good work in South Dakota! Fill out the form below to showcase successes in your community, or pass it along to someone with an effective story to tell. Outline the general details of your efforts — we’ll transform your words into an article.

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  • Who, what, when, and where? Set the scene.


  • What was the problem?
    – How did you know it was a problem?
  • What sort of input did you gather (interviews, statistics, news stories, word-of-mouth)?


  • How did you solve (or mitigate) the problem?
  • What were the steps involved?
  • What was the timeline?
  • Did you collaborate with other individuals or organizations?
  • What were your goals?

Results & Successes

  • Which goals did you meet?
    – Include numbers, personal testimonials, or both!
  • Were there additional benefits your work produced, like building new organizational partnerships or shedding light on other areas that could be improved?

Next Steps / Tips / Suggestions

  • What’s the next phase of the work?
  • How can others successfully implement this type of initiative?
    • – What went well?
    • – What could have gone better?
    • – What did you learn from the work that others will benefit from?


  • Who can answer questions about this specific work?
  • Who can advise about how to implement similar initiatives?


  • Which websites were useful to this project?
    – Data gathering, model policy examples, assorted best practices…
  • If someone wants to learn more, where can they go online?
  • If this work was funded by a grant, where can someone find more information about the grant’s requirements and application process?

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  • Images or graphics of your work, team, or community
  • PDF or Word document with additional information
  • Promotional materials created to highlight your efforts
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