Take Charge. Live Healthy.
Better Choices, Better Health® SD offers chronic disease self-management education workshops that are designed to help adults living with ongoing physical and/or mental health conditions and caregivers understand how healthier choices can improve quality of life, boost self-confidence, and inspire positive lifestyle changes.

The program consists of 4 different self-management workshops: chronic disease, diabetes, chronic pain, and worksite chronic disease. Workshop participants will find a supportive community to help them get through their daily activities and manage physical and mental health wellness. When they have the support and tools to make healthier choices, they can improve their health and lead fuller lives.

Available Workshops:

CHRONIC DISEASE WORKSHOPS have been designed to bring adults living with different physical and/or mental health conditions and caregivers together to learn new ways to problem solve, create action plans and manage multiple chronic conditions.

DIABETES WORKSHOPS are designed for adults living with pre-diabetes, type-2 diabetes, and caregivers. Special emphasis will be placed on monitoring, identifying symptoms of hypoglycemia, preventing complications, foot care and menu planning.

CHRONIC PAIN WORKSHOPS are for adults living with chronic pain. Participants will learn about the differences between acute and chronic pain, how to pace activity, prioritize rest, and balance life.

WORKSITE CHRONIC DISEASE WORKSHOPS are supported by employers for their employees to discuss the challenges of balancing work and a chronic condition. Participants will learn new techniques to manage their health conditions, and how to balance work and home life with an emphasis on stress management.