Business Name has a commitment to making the healthy choice, the easy choice for its employees and clients. The following policy has been developed for foods and beverages purchased for Business Name sponsored and/or coordinated meetings and presentations.

The intent of this policy is to support employee health by reducing risks for chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure. It is designed to make healthy choices more accessible, more appealing and more affordable for employees and clients attending Business Name meetings and presentations. This policy is not designed to restrict choices.

At all Business Name sponsored and/or coordinated meetings and presentations both in the community and at worksites, Business Name will provide a variety of healthy food and drink options by categorizing them as GREEN, YELLOW and RED based on the standards outlined in the South Dakota Healthy Vending and Snack Bar Toolkit. Business Name will not offer food at mid-morning or mid-afternoon meetings and presentations that are two hours or less in length.

Policy Guidelines

 Business Name will promote healthy food and drink options at meetings and presentations by offering options from the GREEN and YELLOW categories, such as: 

  • A variety of fresh fruits and vegetables 
  • Low-fat (1%) or non-fat unflavored milk, including lactose-free and soy drinks 
  • Low-fat (1%) or non-fat flavored milk with ≤ 22 g of total sugar 
  • Grain products with whole-grain listed as the first ingredient 
  • Plain nuts and seeds, unsalted or ≤ 230 mg sodium per serving 
  • Snack items with limited sodium, such as unsalted pretzels, popcorn or baked chips containing ≤ 230mg sodium per serving 
  • Low-fat dressings and condiments, such as salsa, low-fat yogurt dressing, sweet mustard 
  • Water without flavoring, additives, or carbonation 
  • 100% fruit or vegetable juices, with no added caloric sweeteners 
  • Vegetable juice must contain ≤ 230 mg sodium per serving 
  • Unsweetened tea and coffee 

The following types of food and drink options will be offered sparingly:

  • Regular soda, regular sports drinks, whole milk and fruit/juice drinks not 100% juice 
  • Food items containing > 0.5 grams trans fat per serving 
  • Snack items containing > 230 mg sodium per serving 
  • Snack items containing > 200 calories per item 
  • Total calories from saturated fat > 10% (excludes nuts and seeds without added fats or oils) 
  • Calories from sugar > 35% of total weight (excluding fruits or vegetables without added caloric sweeteners) 

Whenever possible, Business Name will provide signage next to food and drink options utilizing the GREEN, YELLOW and RED categories. 


Contact Regarding Policy

Contact Employee Name with questions or concerns about the policy. 

Effective Date

The policy is effective (date).

Policy Monitoring and Review

Business Name will evaluate and revise this policy on an annual basis.

Review Date

This policy will be reviewed (date).