What you need to know about Master Trainers

23 attended the Better Choices, Better Health® (BCBH) SD Master Trainer classes.

  • They completed 4-½ days of training
  • MT will facilitate 2 BCBH workshops within 12 months of their training. MT can then facilitate and BCBH Lay Leader (LL) training.
  • Two (2) trained MT and/or LL are required to lead BCBH classes.
  • MT were trained by Stanford University directed T-Trainers.
  • MT must conduct either a full (4-day) LL training or facilitate a 6-week BCBH workshop series every 12 months from date of certification.

Master Trainer Benefits:

  • Provide evidence-based health promotion/disease prevention program to countless numbers of adults with chronic health conditions.
  • Learn proven methods to apply to other areas of your practice/life.
  • Improve leadership, teaching, and group facilitation skills.

Possible stipend (after certified) for BCBH workshop facilitation and/or LL