Help people live a better life. Become a Leader.

South Dakota has over 20 Master Trainers for Better Choices, Better Health®

Lay Leader Trainings to be offered in various locations across the state is an excellent way to prepare for becoming a Lay Leader! Stay tuned for more information…

What is the difference between a BCBH Master Trainer and a Lay Leader?

Master Trainers (MT)

  • All the requirements of a LL
  • Co-lead 4-day Lay Leader trainings

 Lay Leaders (LL)

  • Co-lead/facilitate Better Choices, Better Health® (BCBH) workshops
  • One workshop consists of 6 sessions, each 2½ hours in length, over six weeks
  • Workshops require two currently active LL and/or MT


Master Trainers and Lay Leaders are located in many South Dakota communities:

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