Upcoming Trainings

Ready to become a Lay Leader? Great! Here’s what happens next:

    1. Find a training from the list below and register as a Volunteer Trainee or a Sponsored Trainee (email required). All registration applications will be reviewed and accepted applicants will be contacted for a telephone interview.
    2. If registering as a Volunteer, not sponsored by an employer or organization, we ask that you complete the South Dakota State University (SDSU) Volunteer Work Agreement* and agree to a background check* by SDSU.
    3. If you’re sponsored by your employer/organization, your sponsoring employer/organization will need to sign the BCBH Memorandum of Agreement* (MOA).

*These documents will be sent to you after you have been interviewed and selected.

4-Day Chronic Disease Lay Leader Training @ Aberdeen (MC-00706)

4-Day Chronic Disease Lay Leader Training @ Pierre (MC-00566)