Frequently Asked Master Trainer Questions

Who can become a Master Trainer?

Anyone with a desire to help individuals better manage their chronic conditions and lead a healthier life. Leaders may have many backgrounds; no healthcare or teaching experience is required. Many trained leader have a chronic disease themselves.

What kind of training is required to be a Master Trainer?

A Master Trainer has attended a 4 ½ day training and learned skills in workshop activities and training activities. Master Trainers can both lead or facilitate BCBH workshops and train Lay Leaders to lead BCBH workshops.

  • Workshop activities are identical to the activities taught to people with chronic conditions when programs are offered to the community. Trainees experience the activities just as workshop participants would when they attend workshop sessions in their communities.
  • Training activities are designed to review and discuss the workshop activities. During training activities, trainees ask questions and learn about training, implementation, and administration of the program.

How long is the MT training and how often is it scheduled?

A master training class was held in September 2014 in Pierre. 23 trainees attended and prepared to become certified Master Trainers. There are currently no plans for a second training at this time.

Are Master Trainers paid?

MTs working as volunteers may be offered a stipend after facilitating one 6-session workshop series.

Why become a Master Trainer?

  • To facilitate Better Choices, Better Health workshops
  • To train Lay Leaders to lead Better Choices, Better Health workshops
  • To recruit candidates for LL; recruit workshop participants
  • To support Better Choices, Better Health program sustainability
  • To work with another facilitator (MT or LL) to teach participants skills that can make a difference in how they live their lives

Is there a license required?

Yes, Stanford University requires a license to use their program. For Better Choices, Better Health, there is just one license for South Dakota. It is held by SDSU Extension in partnership with the SD Department of Health. All MT and LL who facilitate a workshop operate under the fidelity and rules of the license holder.

Is there a database of existing and active Master Trainers and Lay Leaders for Better Choices, Better Health SD programs?

Yes. If you are interested in finding out who is trained in your regional area, please contact