Frequently Asked Lay Leader Questions

Who conducts the Lay Leader (LL) training?

Lay Leaders are trained by certified Master Trainers.

How long is the LL training and how often is it scheduled?

The LL training is for 4 days / 24 hours. It may be offered in 4 consecutive days or 2 days the first week/ 2 days the second week. Lay Leader trainings will be offered in multiple communities across the state beginning the spring of 2015.

How does one become a Better Choices, Better Health workshop leader?

Lay Leader trainees complete an interactive 4-day training (typically 2 days the first week/ 2 days the second week) and receive a certificate of completion. No healthcare or teaching experience is required. Lay Leaders typically have a chronic condition themselves, or have been a caretaker to a family member of close friend that does.

Is there a charge to attend the Better Choices, Better Health SD Lay Leader training?

Registration is $250. You will receive all materials, handouts, supplies, and lunch/refreshments during your training. If you are applying as a volunteer and are in need of financial assistance, discounted registration may be available. Contact Megan Jacobson, SDSU Extension Nutrition Field Specialist, for more information by email, or phone, 605-995-7382.

Are Lay Leaders paid?

LL volunteers may be offered a stipend after facilitating one 6-session workshop series.

Why become a Lay Leader?

  • To facilitate Better Choices, Better Health workshops
  • To support Better Choices, Better Health program sustainability
  • To work with another facilitator (MT or LL) to teach participants skills that can make a difference in how they live their lives
  • Workshops are highly effective when facilitated by Lay Leaders of the community with chronic conditions
  • Better Choices, Better Health sustainability is most influenced by successful Lay Leaders

Is there a license required?

Yes, Stanford University requires a license to use their program. For Better Choices, Better Health there is just one license for South Dakota. It is held by SDSU Extension in partnership with the SD Department of Health. All MT and LL who facilitate a workshop operate under the fidelity and rules of the license holder.