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Each organization offering a Stanford Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP) must have a license for that program. South Dakota State University Extension, in partnership with the SD Department of Health, is the license holder for the Better Choices, Better Health® SD Program.

Each training session or workshop hosted in SD operates under this (one) centralized license. It is necessary to create and maintain cooperative agreements with local organizations in the state that is providing Better Choices, Better Health® Workshops and training.

The license is good for 3 years (April 2017) from the date of issue. After each three year interval, licenses must be renewed.

Each licensed organization must make a yearly report to Stanford including:

  • The number of Better Choices, Better Health® Workshops
  • The number of participants offered during the past year
  • The number of Master Trainers trained with contact information
  • The number of Lay Leader trainings conducted
  • The names of all Lay Leaders trained with contact information

*It is the responsibility of the Master Trainers and Lay Leaders offering the workshops to see that the license is in order before training begins.