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Good & Healthy Communities is all about bringing community resources together to maximize the health and wellness of all. Examples include: connecting people with chronic disease to community resources that can improve overall quality of life; bringing farmers markets into neighborhoods where healthy fruit and vegetable options are scarce; creating safer routes for children to walk to school; working with schools to increase physical education and physical activity while decreasing tobacco use, secondhand smoke exposure and unhealthy food consumption; working with concessionaires to provide healthier snack options for audiences and performers and athletes. And that’s just the beginning!

Because good health begins long before a visit to the doctor’s office.

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South Dakota Good & Healthy Community Health Needs Assessment and Improvement Planning Toolkit
The Toolkit is an evidence-based resource to help communities build local health coalitions, to understand the factors that determine its health status through a needs assessment and data collection process, as well as help identify, prioritize, and address its community health issues.

Download the 2013 Community Summit Presentations