Our new website reflects the collaborative way we and our partners are working to prevent chronic disease in South Dakota. In the past, we have been primarily focused on the various diseases and risk factors, and were communicating to the “general public” instead of addressing the specific needs of people in the context of their various life environments. Likewise, people in those environments looking for information on a chronic disease (obesity for example) would get lots of information on the disease, but not so much about how to deal with it in the context of their schools, workplaces, tribes, childcare, health professions or their communities at large.

This insight has given us a new perspective and service commitment: we are a team of workers with extensive resources to share, and can readily build customized teams and networks to service South Dakotans where they live, learn, work and play.

Why would we want to go to all that trouble? Because research tells us that when public health teams like ours look at health and wellness in this way, communities get healthier.

Take a little time and look around the site to see how we’ve organized the material for you. And please, don’t be shy, we welcome your feedback and suggestions.